MattMill Impeller Agitator

RWCPLT (complete agitator), RWDE EK (lid), RWAT (motor), RWWE EK/36/50 (impeller shaft), RWIP (impeller head), RWNT (power supply)


The MattMill Impeller Agitator is a motorized stainless steel impeller mouted to a stainless steel lid, for convenient and continuous stirring of your mash. It is designed modular, to be operated in conjunction with different sizes of brewing pots and other equipment.

It consists of the following components:

  • Impeller agitator lid (RWDE EK). High quality stainless steel lid parts, fitted with high quality hinges. Lid handle and adjustable clamps to securly attache the unit to containers with approximately 360-390mm outer diameter (pot rim). Also fits other sizes, such as, up to 50L- container.
  • Impeller motor (RWAT). Stainless steel encased drive unit incorporating a two speed selector switch, 12V input socket, stainless steel fixing screws. Two speed selection: 40 RPM or 60 RPM. Direction of rotation seen from above: Left. Drive shaft: external thread M8. Operating voltage: DC 12V DC Current consumption: max. ca.3A. Mounting height 30mm, 3 x M6; PCD Ø50,8mm
  • Impeller shaft (RWWE EK/36/50). Different sizes of solid stainless steel drive shaft extentions, with a special M8 internal thread and adaptor, can be attached to the MattMill Impeller Agitator Motor. This makes it possible to use the MattMill Impeller Agitator with different brewing pot sizes, e.g. pots with about 29-33 cm depth, 36- or 50-liter pots with about 36-38cm or 39-41 cm depth.
  • Impeller head (RWIP). An innovative universal three bladed impeller, made of stainless steel: ca. Ø220 mm, blade height 50mm for up to Ø45 cm pot diameter. The special shape of the impeller blades reduce shear forces and helps avoiding deposits at the edges of the pot. The MattMill Impeller Agitator is suitable to be safely installed together with a MattMill Läuterhelix in the same pot.
  • Power supply (RWNT).  Recommended power supply: 12V DC 5A . Output jack 5.5mm outside minus, inside plus.



Stainless steel encased motor unit

12V / 5A power supply

Stainless steel impeller head

Impeller mounted to the motor unit

Three available impeller shafts for pot sizes pots with about 29-33 cm depth, 36- or 50-liter pots with about 36-38cm or 39-41 cm depth.

Detailled view of the shaft ends.




MattMill Impeller Agitator in action



View into a pot. Note that the MattMill Impeller Agitator can be combined with a MattMill Lauterhelix

Pictures by Matthias Hossfeld,