MattMill Klassik


MMKB (mill) /  MMKB-S (set: funnel, base plate, box) / MMKB-F (funnel) / MMKB-B (base plate) / MMKU (hand crank)



It all began 2006,  when Matthias Hossfeld decided to produce a heavy-duty german-quality mill, the first MattMill Basic. 
The german brewing community was very excited about the design and the MattMill Klassik was praised in the german brewer forums (e.g. see

But Matthias did not stop improving his “baby”. Therefore in 2010 he came up with the MattMill Klassik.

After extensive optimizations and revisions the main characteristics of the MattMill Klassik include

  • plasma-hardened steel rollers (length 171 mm, diameter 35 mm), cut-knurled for maximal sharpness
  • milling gap steplessly adjustable between 0-2 mm
  • maitenance-free bearings
  • rollers fully synchronized by high-grade friction rings
  • solid full metal chassis
  • metal funnel (approx 5 l volume)
  • solid metal base plate
  • convenient food-grade storage container for both storage and malt collection
  • optional with hand crank

The milling capacity using e.g. a battery powered screwdriver os approximately 3-4 kg (depending on gap size and power of the screwdriver), using the optional hand crank 1-2 kg  (depending on the fitness of the brewer 😉 ).

Overall weight approx. 8 kg. Storage box size 47x31x20 cm.

 Below please find pictures of the MattMill Klassik Edition 2010. Click on the pictures to enlarge. 

Side view of the MattMill Klassik

Back view

Optional hand crank assembled to mill

Semi top view


Semi top view

Close-up onto the front of the mill

Detailled view onto the rollers,
gap size 0 mm


Detailled view onto the rollers,
gap size 2 mm

Funnel snuggly fits into the box


The base plate (turned upside down) serves as lid during storage.

Pictures by Dr. S. Parth,