MattMill Kompakt


MMKP (mill) / MMKU (hand crank) /KPBT (metal funnel)



After the MattMill Klassik was a significant success within the german brewing community, in 2012 Matthias Hossfeld introduced the MattMill Kompakt, the most recent development. It became a best-seller in Germany, Austria and Switzerland.

The main characteristics of MattMill Kompakt include

  • hardened and cut-knurled steel rollers with a diameter of 70 mm, keeping most of the husks intact during the grain crushing process. This is optimal for a perfect lautering
  • massive housing consisting of aluminum and high-grade steel
  • stepless gap adjustment between 0 and 2 mm
  • easy tabletop mounting
  • driven either by 6mm bit (e.g. battery-powered screwdriver) or optional hand crank (sold separately, MMKU)
  • typical milling capacity 3 kg/min (screwdriver) and 1-2 kg/min (hand crank, depending on fitness), respectively (approx. 11 grams/turn).
  • quick reply/service directly by the manufacturer in case of difficulties
  • threaded hole serves as mounting aid for a 1.5l standard PET bottle (as grain reservoir)

MattMill Kompakt comes readily packed in a box, ready to sell and send. (There is no funnel included, the idea is to use a big plastic funnel or a bottom-cut PET bottle).Weight approx. 5 kg. Size 21x16x9 cm.
For tabletop mounting regular screw clamps can be used (not included).

Manuals can be downloaded from here.

Below please find pictures of the MattMill Kompakt. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

front view MattMill Kompakt

bottom view of the MattMill Kompakt with steel rollers. Black: sponge rubber to protect table surface

top view MattMill Kompakt with connection thread for 1,5l-PET-bottle as a grain reservoir

enlarged view of the connection thread for using 1,5l-PET-bottle as a grain reservoir

front view with mounted 1,5l-PET-bottle and hand crank (sold seperately, MMKU)

MattMill Kompakt in action, using a battery-powered screwdriver

front view with mounted funnel

Metal funnel (KPBT) fitting MattMill Kompakt sincs mid 2017


intact grain (top left) and crushed (bottom right) with MattMill Kompakt, note the intact husks

MattMill Kompakt wrapped in a fabric bag, with manual, powertool adapter and bit (hand crank sold seperately), completely boxed.

Pictures by Dr. S. Parth,