MattMill False Bottom

MMLB-316 (kinked version) / MMLB-357/-447/-497 (straight with bails)


In order to separate the grain (crushed with either the MattMill Klassik or the MattMill Kompakt) from the wort (a.k.a. lautering) the wort gets filtered using a false bottom which sits in the lower part of the lauter pot.

The MattMill false bottom is an easy-to-use, inexpensive and durable solution for the home brewer.

  • Stainless steel
  • dishwasher proof
  • Special innovative form for optimal, complete and hassle free lautering
  • Reduced clogging due to laser-cut slits instead of regular holes
  • Several sizes are available upon request, including one version for the Schengler Thermoport.

The  small version (MMLB-316; 316 mm diameter) is kinked to leave a gap between the bottom of the pot and the grain. The larger, flat versions (MMLB-357/-397/-447/-497; 357, 397, 447 and 497 mm diameter, respectively) have bails mounted to the false bottom as spacer. Two different heights are available (2.5 and 7 cm, respectively).

Below please find pictures of the MattMill false bottom. Click on the pictures to enlarge. 


Kinked version of the false bottom
317 mm diameter (MMLB-316)

side view of the false bottom
kinked version 317 mm diameter

MattMill label laser cut

Mounting principle in lauter pot for the kinked version

Larger versions of the false bottom
flat version, diameters 357, 397, 417 and 497 mm, respectively

Flat version of the false bottom inserted in a ThermoPort


 Pictures by Dr. S. Parth, and M. Hossfeld,, respectively.

On a movie is available (german) demonstrating the use of the false bottom. Klick here to be redirected to this page.