Mattmill Student


MMST(mill) / MMST MOT (motorized version)


The MattMill Student is our economy mill, aiming for beginners with lower budgets. It is small, light and smart!

The main characteristics of MattMill Student include

  • compact plastic housing made of the highest quality bearing material
  • hardened, narrow rollers with large diameter: absolutely reliable feed and excellent shot quality due to fixed roller spacing of 1.3 mm
  • encapsulated design with mounting holes
  • Safe filling opening, specially designed for plastic funnels or simple PET bottles: ingenious and inexpensive
  • Very smooth running: drive with crank, cordless screwdriver or motor
  • also available with safe 12V low voltage motor driven ready to plug in (MMST MOT)


MattMill Student comes readily packed in a box, ready to sell and send. (There is no funnel included, the idea is to use a big plastic funnel or a bottom-cut PET bottle).

 A motor upgrade kit for existing MattMill Students is available (MMST motorkit).

Below please find pictures of the MattMill Student. Click on the pictures to enlarge.

front view MattMill Student

top view of the MattMill Student with steel rollers.

bottom view MattMill Student

Motorized version of the MattMill Student (MMST MOT)

Mounting example
MattMill Student

 Pictures by Matthias Hossfeld,